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    K 200 M and K 260 M Rack Type Dishwashers

    Efficient and economical commercial dishwashing system

    Commercial dishwashing machine K 200 M / K 260 M

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    MEIKO V-shaped tank with rounded edges

    The tank is welded in a single-piece construction and is rounded at the critical points to make visual inspection easier and eliminate the possibility of dirt building up along the edges. In addition, this makes the rack-type dishwashers very easy to clean.

    Transport drive unit

    Catch peg system with transport overload protection maximises operating safety and minimises the load on the transport mechanism.

    This rack type dishwasher operates independently of fluctuations in water pressure. It also creates an air gap to prevent backflow to ensure optimum final rinse results thanks to the rinse pump system.

    control cabinet K 200 M / K 260 M open
    Central switch cabinet

    The control panel and thermometers are conveniently located on the electrical cabinet door. The electrical components of this rack type dishwasher are clearly arranged and easily accessible in the control cabinet.

    Benefit: Machine operators and technicians can access the machine from a standing position for both standard operation and routine maintenance.

    pumping system K 200 M / K 260 M
    MEIKO pump system

    • Pump impeller and housing manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel

    • Pump housing has no edges or corners

    • Large all-round suction area on tank floor


    Benefit: Reliable operation, long service life, robust, and easy to clean.

    heat recovery system K 200 M / K 260 M
    MEIKO heat recovery system (optional)

    Hot humid air is drawn through a heat exchanger to preheat incoming cold water to approximately 45 °C. The heat exchanger can easily be pulled out onto the top of the rack type dishwasher for cleaning.

    Benefit: Major reduction in operating costs (standard K 260 M configuration, electrically heated).