The clean solution

    BioMaster® - Food waste disposal unit

    The clever solution for food waste and food scraps

    Unbeatable versatility

    The BioTrans system offers an economically and ecologically sensible solution for recycling food waste and scraps. Our system is used in commercial kitchens, canteens, hotels, food service and communal catering.

    The BioMaster® waste disposal unit converts waste (including frying oil, coffee grounds, fats, etc.) into a homogeneous biomass.
    This biomass is transferred by a feed pump via a closed system (odourless) to the BioTank, where it is regularly (every 4 - 6 weeks) collected and transported to a biogas plant for recycling. This innovative method converts restaurant waste into environmentally friendly renewable energy!

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    Input station

    All accumulated waste food is conveniently collected in the BioMaster®4 input station.



    Our patented homogenisation technique utilises organic material economically and cleanly.



    The leftovers are professionally stored in the storage tank. Absolutely odourless and hygienic.



    The biomass is collected at regular intervals by professional service providers.


    Biogas generation

    Food waste is converted into energy: biogas.


    BioMaster 4 PLUS

    In a class of its own

    The BioMaster® 4 Plus is in a class of its own, a powerhouse of a machine whose strength really come to a fore in medium to large commercial kitchens. 150 mm ground clearance, can be plinth-mounted, easy to clean, standard-compliant water supply, attaches to tables and hygiene stations, yet this unit is in a class of its own. The right machine for use in medium to large commercial kitchens. Kitchen waste and food scraps can be processed from just 50 seconds. From breakfast to dinner, norm-compliant processing is guaranteed. A symbiosis between power and design.

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    Collection tank

    The biomass is stored in our collection tank. Here we offer three standard solutions (PE storage tank, cylindrical PE tank and PE underground tank) A customised container (concrete, GRP or PP) is also an option.

    We also offer a variety of optional accessories: e.g. automatic tank interior cleaning, agitators for homogenisation, suction-supporting pump, agitators, ladders and running boards.

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    So how do you benefit?
    • Improved hygiene
    • Lower cleaning costs
    • Easy handling (no moving of collection containers)
    • Simplified work flow
    • Self-contained system
    • Longer collection intervals (fewer collection trips)
    • Smaller storage area
    • No cooling required
    • Minimises cutlery loss
    • Lower disposal costs