The clean solution

    UPster® H Industrial Dishwasher

    Pass through warewashing technology for a powerful wash and maximum convenience

    Pass through dishwasher UPster H

    Power and convenience under the hood

    The automatic start-up on our industrial dishwasher UPster® H means it cleans with full convenience and full power. Wave goodbye to clouds of steam and poor air quality in the scullery. Instead, give way for serving dishes, large plates, and trays in the dishwasher with a passing height of 440 mm. What more could you want?

    The optional AirBox AktivAir will not let the steam escape!

    • Centralised vapour management
    • Keeps steam away from machine operators
    • Built-in condensate drain
    • Steam extraction initiated by dishwashing programme
    • Continues running for specified time after programme finishes
    • No filter technology = maintenance free

    Let's get going!

    Operating the machine is easy with the wraparound handle—press once more to start the programme.

    The top-notch interior make the difference

    It's all there

    You can see immediately that the UPster® H has what it takes under the hood. The right materials, the best workmanship and well-thought-out positioning. It is all there.

    High-quality components

    High-quality stainless steel wash and rinse systems

    Wash tank

    Located towards the front of the machine, the deep-drawn wash tank with a 22 litre capacity is designed for low maintenance and easy access.

    Sloped hood ceiling

    Sloped hood ceiling and surrounding drip channel prevent wash water dripping onto washware

    No annoying pipelines

    Cleaning is made easy since there are no pipes or tubes on the back of the machine which could get in the way.