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    TopClean M - SCBA mask washer

    Cleaning and Disinfection Machine for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for Firefighters and Coal Miners

    Disinfector appliance TopClean M in use

    TopClean M: intelligent hygiene in the field and the station

    Emergency operatives require safety, and so do equipment maintenance personnel! Machine cleaning using MEIKO technology speeds up the process of cleaning and disinfection of SCBA masks. It is safe, gentle on the materials, reduces health risks and uses a process approved by leading mask manufacturers.

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    TopClean M emergency services

    Made for professionals, by professionals

    The TopClean M is the result of close collaboration with specialists in the fire service and leading manufacturers of breathing apparatus. That combination is topped off perfectly with 90 years of expertise in cleaning and disinfection technology in the healthcare sector.

    This is how efficient hygiene proves itself

    Faster processes, safer results, and better OSH—those are the hallmarks of TopClean M by MEIKO, accredited upon examination by DEKRA in Essen, Germany and approved by all major mask manufacturers for use with their products.

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    Ready for operation in a moment – so you can stock less equipment

    Redundant PPE is capital intensive and long preparation processes tie up people who could do something else. The TopClean M reduces the preparation time required for breathing apparatus by 60%! That means you need fewer masks in circulation, and it frees up time for other work.

    An innovative modular rack system

    Rack for up to 8 regulators
    Rack for regulatos TopClean
    Rack for up to 4 BA masks
    Respiratory masks basket TopClean
    Rack for SCBA harness frame
    SCBA rack
    Base rack with insert for compressed air cylinder
    Basket TopClean M

    Regulators need both pressure and familiarity with the details—and we have patented them.

    If you are serious about cleaning breathing apparatus, you will need to grasp the big picture and master the details, too. Cleaning masks, regulators and SCBAs all in one machine that uses a thermo-chemical process makes for triple safety assurance and significantly reduced efforts in handling. Its ergonomic design and compliance to occupational safety and health makes it a complete package.