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    Get your crystal sparkling

    for World Whisky Day

    World Whisky Day falls on the third Saturday of May. It is one of several special days, including International Whiskey Day and National Bourbon Day which celebrate whisk(e)y, however we spell the name.

    Whiskey is manufactured worldwide and it is the Indian-manufactured brand 'Officer's Choice' which was the largest volume seller worldwide in 2017, according to Forbes magazine's Top 25 Best-Selling Whisky Brands in The World. In fact, Indian brands took seven out of the Top 10, with Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker filling the other three slots.

    Manufacturing has recently begun again in Wales and England. Spain, France, Sweden and the Netherlands also make it and in Germany there are over 20 whisky distilleries including the award-winning Black Forest – Rothaus brand of single malt, made only a short distance from MEIKO's Global HQ in Offenburg.

    So every year on the third Saturday in May, wherever you are, there should be a local whisky to celebrate.


    Wherever it is made, whiskey is usually drunk and served with reverence, with attention being paid to the 'nose', the colour and to the 'legs'. Whisky 'legs' are the trails left on the inside of the glass post-swirling. They reveal more information than you'd think...and not just if the glass is water-marked!

    When you swirl a whiskey, some of the liquid sticks to the side of the glass and then begins to form trails as it flows back into the bowl. These are the legs and the more rapidly the legs move, the lighter the whisky will be in the mouth; the thicker and slower they are, the heavier it will feel.

    Quality of glassware is key to serving a good whiskey experience

    The specially shaped Glencairn Glass is one of the few designed specifically for whiskey; it is based on the design of the traditional nosing copitas.

    It make it easy to drink the whisky while funnelling the delicate smells up to the nose. The Glencairn shape is available made from conventional glass or in hand blown crystal with a 24% Lead Content. 

    Whiskey devotees would choose a crystal glass every time.

    "The majority of aficionados swear by the Glencairn Whisky Glass, and with good reason. Made of premium crystal, it takes the heavy base of a whiskey tumbler and pairs that with the thin, curvy body of a tulip glass, thereby representing the best of two worlds."


    Crystal glassware is manufactured to various quality levels, from machine made non-lead and lead glasses to hand blown 24% or higher lead crystal content. The lead content can actually rise to around 35%; the more lead, the more the glass sparkles and 'pings'. Traditional lead Crystal is 'soft' because of the lead content. Even dust can act as an abrasive and cause scratches. Crystal is said to have a rougher surface than conventional glass which makes it easier to trap chemicals from cleaning and is probably why these glasses are better at capturing vapours.

    Thanks to the reverse osmosis system in MEIKO dishwashers, crystal glasses can be rinsed brilliantly clean in combination with the appropriate detergent. In order to enjoy the shine of your crystal glasses for a long time, please follow the care instructions of the glass manufacturer.

    reverse osmosis system
    Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

    For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.


    RIEDEL states categorically that its Vinum machine blown, lead crystal glasses are dishwasher safe.

    Riedel advises

    • To avoid stains: use soft water (low mineral content)
    • To avoid scratches: Avoid glass contact with other glass or metal
    • To remove stains: use white vinegar
    • If available, use stemware rack


    MEIKO UK customer Allens Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire is a large user of Riedel glassware. The company has taken the greatest care to protect its investment by using tailor-made wash baskets from MEIKO UK.

    At its Hounslow site, Allens operates two of the latest M-iQ dishwashers with reverse osmosis water treatment.

    Water treatment processes
    Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

    Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.


    • Crystal has to be stored where it won’t touch other items
    • Pieces (especially stemware) have to be carried one at a time rather than carried as a bunch by the stems
    • Items should never be stacked one item inside another
    • Crystal should never be exposed to rapid temperature changes, i.e. very hot or cold water; crystal products are not meant to be put in the microwave, conventional oven or in a freezer
    • Never soak lead crystal glasses
    • Do not mix with plates, cutlery and other items
    • NEVER twist the base and bowl


    Glassware and especially crystal should be treated with respect. MEIKO offers a range of wash baskets with various inserts to protect delicate glassware. Contact your local MEIKO office for more information.