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    10 tips for clean glasses

    How restaurateurs should handle glasses

    High-quality glasses are pricey and need to be looked after, whether in Berlin, Singapore or Sydney. Beautiful, clean glasses are important in hospitality. Restaurant managers want dishes and glasses that last and that help diners to feel good. But how? These ten tips and the Meiko Clean Solution Circle are vital.

    1. Selecting high-quality glasses

    Glasses are placed under immense strain in the food service industry. They are washed several times a day. So select high-quality glasses. They are less prone to glass corrosion and last much longer – so long as you apply tips two to seven!

    2. Boosting water quality

    Does your glasswasher have a module that removes minerals, bacteria and viruses from the water? This level of water purity provides sparkling, spotless and hygienically clean results. Read more here about how reverse osmosis systems work. Glasses, plates, cutlery – nothing needs polishing by hand! That saves food service staff 30 seconds or more per wash cycle. Besides, polishing by hand is not recommended as it is unhygienic.

    3. Making space

    When you load your dishwasher rack, ensure that the glasses are not hitting one another. This can happen during the wash cycle, as the water moves the glasses. If you leave enough space, you can prevent damage and breakages. The best way to protect your glasses is to select the right rack. Wine glasses have to be placed in the dishwashing machine at an angle to prevent water from gathering in the indent on the bottom of the base.

    4. Don't wash too hot

    Delicate glasses need to be washed on your dishwashing machine's gentle setting between 60 °C and 63 °C (as per DIN and German Industrial Dishwashing Association norms). If glasses are washed at higher temperatures, they go dull over time. At the end of the wash programme, unload your glasses immediately.

    5. The shorter, the better

    Wash cycle times should be as short as possible. The shorter the wash cycle time, the less energy consumed. Plus: your washware won't wear as quickly.

    6. Correct dishwashing detergent dosing

    The detergent is a significant factor in washing glassware. It has to be selected specifically for the washware and adjusted to  the water quality. This is the same with any washware. And it is no problem with the breadth of the MEIKO ACTIVE portfolio and the many years of experience that Meiko employees can draw upon. Using these detergents and rinse aids achieves a hygienic clean on glass, porcelain or even stainless steel.

    7. Odour-neutral storage

    The pores in glass are quick to absorb smells from their surroundings so make sure you store your glasses in an odour-neutral spot.

    8. Regular servicing

    Solve problems before they even arise. This is the best way to prevent a bottle neck of glassware. Our maintenance package is the secure choice. Regular inspection is just as important to glasswasher longevity as it is to your car's.

    9. Workflow optimisation

    Get the planning of the dishwashing area right and you have laid the foundation for perfect washing results. That said, it is never too late to rethink and adjust your workflows, especially if throughput in your dishwashing area is growing. Get the experts in to help you with this.

    10. Staying up to date

    The Meiko Academy offers numerous webinars and practical, in-person courses delivering expertise in occupational safety, optimum dishwashing area hygiene, ergonomic work practices in food service, the proper and safe way to use cleaning agents for sustainable and efficient business, and much more. Staying up to date also puts you one step ahead of the competition.  

    The MEIKO Clean Solution Circle

    Meiko developed the Clean Solution Circle – a comprehensive dishwashing package – to provide the best possible support for our customers in their work. This full-service option allows you channel all of your focus onto your customers. In the background, Meiko will take care of safety and hygiene, excellent washing results, reliable premium technology, smart premium service, training for employees and inspection of your hygiene data. All under one roof and tailored to each specific business.

    If your glasses are desperate for a better shine but you would also like to take the strain off the dishwashing area, get in touch with us today! The Meiko Team have got advice ready for you.