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    Sustainable hotels

    The hotel concept of the hour

    Sustainable hotels are more in demand than ever. After all, many people's lifestyles when they're at home have also fundamentally changed. Consuming consciously, thinking sustainably, and acting in an environmentally friendly way – these are principles that a lot of people use to navigate their lives. And clearly, opting for a green lifestyle at home will also affect people's search for a hotel. 

    A sustainable hotel concept is a must-have for any hotel that still wants to be its customers' first port of call. Converting the business to a sustainable model and communicating this makes absolute sense. Because hotels that integrate sustainable principles and measures into their day-to-day activities will remain competitive – and will win over green travellers thanks to theircontribution to environmental protection. 

    Some people might be surprised to find out that this isn't just about private travellers. In the corporate world it is increasingly common to hear: "No sustainable hotel concept? Count us out!" It is simply assumed that employees will be staying overnight or attending conferences at eco-friendly establishments – and will make protecting the environment a key priority, in line with their own corporate guidelines.

    How three sustainable hotels are making a difference

    Green hotel concepts are winning concepts: the following three success stories are excellent examples of this. Take a look, get inspired, and discover new perspectives for eco-tourism!

    Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel: a pod for all seasons.

    The eco-hotel's sustainable hotel concept:

    • Water conservation through the use of spring water
    • Environmentally friendly disposal of food waste
    • Water-saving devices on taps
    • Heat generation using wood from the surrounding forests
    • Staff based near the hotel – no cars or public transport on the site
    • Exclusive use of FSC-certified paper

    Whitepod is an eco-luxury hotel, nestled in unspoiled countryside in the heart of of the Swiss Alps. It offers discerning guests an environmentally friendly hotel concept that is unparalleled – right from the moment they arrive. This is because the eco-hotel is only accessible by foot or by snow mobile. Once they arrive, guests can expect an unforgettable overnight experience, as they will be sleeping in semi-spherical tents called 'pods'. The low-energy accommodation units offer the luxury of extremely comfortable facilities and furnishings, while surrounded by nature.

    Well-known Swiss hospitality and a breathtaking new ecological form of hotels – both elements have combined to form an extraordinary success story in the Valais canton since 2004. 


    Six Senses: Sustainably successful since 1996

    Credit: Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas
    Credit: Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas

    You need to have a vision: as one of the pioneers of the environmentally friendly hotel industry, the Six Senses in Yoa Noi, Thailand (there are also Six Senses in Turkey, Portugal, the Maldives, etc.) has made a name for itself. Since its foundation in 1995, the resort has been considered a textbook example of a sustainable hotel. Environmental awareness and sustainability are embedded deep within its DNA. 

    A simple glance at its architecture conveys the message that mindfulness played a large part in its design. The resort blends particularly harmoniously into its surroundings and playfully references the local culture. The materials used are almost exclusively from sustainable sources, and add a distinctive character to the boutique hotel's design.

    Talking of distinctive: green travellers can also have unique product experiences here. Six Senses, the in-house spa brand, and the hotel's home-grown food ensure that guests will be delighted by every aspect of their stay. 

    Milan Hilton: where environmental awareness is key

    Hilton in Milan
    Hotel Hilton in Milan

    With more than 5,000 hotels in all five continents, Hilton Worldwide is one of the most important companies in the hotel and catering industry. And each of its hotels is particularly committed to implementing measures to protect the environment. Most notably: the Hilton in Milan. 

    The hotel has also set new green standards in its kitchens with the use of intelligent dishwashing technology. Indeed, the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine from MEIKO not only offers a high degree of hygiene and safety, but is also incredibly economical. Just under 13,000 covers are washed clean each month in a particularly ecological manner. Because efficiency and balancing resources are inspiring – as is the M-iQ professional dishwasher.

    MEIKO: partner for sustainable hotel concepts

    As a manufacturer of professional dishwashing technology and cleaning and disinfection technology, MEIKO is conscious of its special responsibility in relation to environmental protection. This is why the company focuses on effective, resource-efficient technology when manufacturing its products. The result: highly durable products and an impressive range of energy saving options.

    Why not join us in adopting sustainability as a factor for success? MEIKO offers its support to hotels in the process of becoming even more sustainable. The use of resource-efficient MEIKO products makes sense with regard to running costs, part from anything else. 

    Leftovers are turned into eco-friendly power

    In the hotel and food catering industries in particular it's virtually impossible to avoid large quantities of food waste, which is a not insignificant cost factor. This is where MEIKO's innovative food waste management solution comes in. All the leftovers from guests are collected, without exception, prepared as bio-substrate, and can then be converted into power. This is a solution that allows you to dispose of food waste directly, without having to store it temporarily beforehand. This saves costs, increases hygiene security, and is ultimately good for the environment. 

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    MEIKO Reference Hühnerhof

    M-iClean U: performance meets sustainability

    Energy and water are unavoidable costs in the hotel and food catering industries. Innovative dishwashing systems that don't continuously draw in fresh water for each wash cycle offer considerable savings potential here in hotel and restaurant kitchens. The professional dishwasher M-iClean U from MEIKO is an excellent example of this. The sustainability star of the undercounter dishwashing machine segment offers an impressive combination of innovative, resource-saving technology, cost effectiveness, an intuitive operating concept.

    So it's no surprise that it is popular in places with a particularly close connection to nature. Since 2018, the M-iClean U has been in daily use at the Gut Hühnerhof resort. At a place where up to 120 breakfast guests are par for the course at the weekend, its services are much appreciated. At the Gut Hühnerhof resort, in bakeries, food catering outlets, or hotel – wherever it is used, the M-iClean U from MEIKO shows that powerful technology and a high level of environmental awareness can be a long-term, harmonious combination. 

    Consumers all over the world are increasingly asking about the origin and production conditions of the products and services that they consume. This is why the future belongs to sustainable hotel concepts in the tourism sector. Ecological construction methods, the supply of locally-sourced food, and resource-saving technology are some of the options open to hoteliers wishing to prepare their business for the future.