The clean solution

    FV 28 G/GS glasswasher

    Water wave

    The FV 28 G/GS restuarant glass washer has been discontinued and replaced by the new M-iClean U. Find out more about the innovative new glass washer from MEIKO here.

    This powerful galsswasher offers:

    • 2 programme cycles
    • Digital temperature displays for wash and final rinse temperatures
    • Infrared technology
    • Extremely simple operation thanks to clear and easy-to-understand symbols
    • Eco-filter system improves the drain water quality and facilitates cleaning
    • Entry height 300 mm also suitable for washing of large beer glasses
    • Self-cleaning programme
    • Pressed wash tank with integrated basket guide rails
    • Double-walled tank housing and door
    • Rinse aid and liquid detergent dosing units with partical containers
    • Combined rotating wash arm system with slit nozzles and stationary high-pressure  spray jets
    • Wash pump with glass-protecting ’soft start
    wash pump ensuring gentle treatment
    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    M-iQ self-cleaning
    Self-cleaning commercial dishwashing system

    At the end of the washing operation the M-iQ cleans itself using the existing tank water. Only the parts which are blue have to be manually cleaned.