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    The new Meiko TopLine: a giant leap forward in innovative care utensil management

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    How do these new Meiko washer-disinfectors improve the care utensil cleaning process? With contact-free operation, an assistant system to independently complete some process steps, a human-machine communication strategy that prevents user error, and an A0 value that can be adjusted all the way up to 12,000.

    This Meiko innovation was unveiled to healthcare industry decision makers and employees at an online conference on 22 June.

    This newest generation in the Meiko TopLine range offers more than just an update on the technology in the previous model. ‘We looked at the whole cleaning process and analysed critical points. We then focused in on them to make the Meiko TopLine even safer, more effective and more sustainable – adding key value for our customers,’ explains Tobias Gnädig, Design/Development Team Leader for Medical Products at Meiko. The result is an almost entirely new appliance design which raises the bar for both hygiene and operator safety.

    A smart assistant system saves work and minimises contact

    The most added value comes in the form of load detection. The assistant system suggests the correct cleaning programme for the care utensils loaded and starts it automatically after a few seconds. This option is available for selected holders and care utensils. To remove all points of contact with the machine, combine load detection with automatic door opening and closing using either a hand sensor or foot switch.

    Claudia Ganz, Hygiene Specialist at BDH Clinic Elzach, was one of the first to try out the Meiko TopLine: ‘For me, these are the most important considerations: care staff can use less mental capacity on operating the machine. It does so much itself! That means fewer errors are made and time is saved.’

    The blue operating concept: safer and more effective

    In order to reduce the risk of operator error even further, the operating concept has been redesigned. ‘Here, we used tried-and-tested solutions from Meiko warewashing technology and then we adapted and optimised it for its new task,’ reports Jürgen Heppner, Medical Product Development Engineer at Meiko.

    The new glass display provides an overview of what is going on at any moment in the process using a status display and progress bar. The blue operating concept is intuitive: any elements illuminated in blue on the screen or appliance are ‘ready for operation’ – so they can be used or selected. Green lighting means ‘in operation’ and if anything shows red, the machine has an ‘important message.’

    Optimised cleaning system: boosts washing pressure and performance

    Meiko has fully overhauled the cleaning system resulting in higher pressure, perfectly shaped and positioned nozzles, and an optimised wash chamber. An additional wash arm on the ceiling helps with exterior cleaning, while interior lighting in the wash chamber helps out the care staff.

    Meiko's contribution to the future of healthcare

    ‘Who knows what kinds of hygiene requirements will be around in ten years' time? What pathogens might emerge? The new Meiko TopLine has been made with the future in mind. Our intention is to provide users and operators with long-term safety and security,’ that is according to Marijan Simundic, the man responsible for innovation in the segments Medical Technology and Personal Protective Equipment. This safety is provided by the adjustable A0 value, that can be turned up to 12,000.

    More information: www.meiko.com.au/pearl

    Discover the new Meiko TopLine virtually in the newly founded Experience Zone, the platform for a digital product experience from Meiko: www.meiko-experiencezone.com