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    ‘Acting and doing business sustainably has been in the Meiko ethos since the company's nascent days,’ said CEO, Dr Stefan Scheringer, when the sustainability report was published. For over 90 years, Meiko has acted with foresight, focusing on more than just short-term success. The company is owned by a foundation and is guided by its own values and axioms, setting it apart from the competition. The Meiko3P strategy moves the firm closer to its aim of carbon-neutral production by 2025.

    Product, production and participation are the pillars of the sustainability strategy. The product goals described in the report include extending service life and increasing reparability for machines, as well as increasing the proportion of recyclable materials (already 90%) and making spare parts available for 20 years. In production, electricity is generated in-house from photovoltaic panels and topped up with energy from other green and renewable sources. One production building has recently been fitted with a photovoltaic system comprising 1,350 modules and generating 465 kilowatts at peak performance, delivering a self-sufficiency rate of 10%. Of the energy generated, 94% is used in house.

    For Meiko, participation goals are about involvement and commitment, as well as taking conscious actions to develop into a more sustainable company: in how to work with employees on things like travel and transport or the food choices in the works canteen.

    In the analysis phase, all areas of the company were analysed. This process brought to light areas of action that Meiko wishes to develop further: innovation, infrastructure, transport, knowledge and partnerships.

    Stefan Scheringer comments on innovation as an area of action requiring more than just out-of-the-box thinking, ‘A machine must wash, clean or disinfect properly. It should also be intelligent and able to save resources, select the perfect programme and optimise hygiene management. Smart systems help here – the Internet of things has now long been present in our industry and our business and it creates scope to improve sustainability.’

    Meiko Group CEO, Dr Stefan Scheringer:

    ‘We think in terms of generations, not quarters. Sustainability is an issue of attitudes.’

    Meiko is on the right track to achieving its climate goals. Speaking of making tracks, something as simple as how to commute is actually a climate decision. Meiko supports the use of alternative modes of transport with a bicycle leasing scheme and contributions to public transport fares.

    Even the service team works sustainably: with a high first time fix rate, technicians will ideally solve the problem on their first visit. Well trained service technicians are the key to achieving this and therefore key to saving further journeys which would emit more CO2, as well as saving money for the customer.



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