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    Professional dishwashing machines: when saving isn't saving

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    Looking to buy a commercial dishwasher and flirting with the idea of a low-cost supplier? Careful, they could have you trapped in an instant! Read here why finding a ‘bargain’ is just not worth it and how, in the worst-case scenario, it could even cause severe damage.

    It's Saturday night, 9 pm, restaurant rush hour. The chefs are placing beautiful steaks, chips and green beans on clean plates while waiters are bringing dirty dishes back to the kitchen – at least a batch a minute. While all that is going on, your automated colleague, the dishwashing machine is once again running at full speed this evening. It was a spur-of-the-moment purchase: the owner slipped on an extra special offer last month. That bargain unexpectedly gives up at 9:30 pm – and causes panic in the kitchen.

    Quick! Get to the phone! But no one can get hold of the manufacturer's customer service team. There is only one solution: call in a temp to wash the pots. But, of course, that person is not working for free. Just one example of unnecessary operating costs which prove that buying cheap costs more.

    Argument 1:
    Professional dishwashing machines are reliable

    In the food-service and hotel industries, dishwashing machines must primarily be reliable. They have to produce sparkling cutlery and glassware every minute for weeks, months and years – preferably without ever breaking down. If a technical problem should occur the technical service should be there quickly. Only then can we call it an economical investment.


    MEIKO is aware of this responsibility. MEIKO is a German company specialising in warewashing technology. The dishwashing machines they make impress restaurateurs the world over with their reliability and longevity. This was highlighted when the company was awarded ‘Best Brand 2017/2018’ by the magazine of the German Hotel and Food-Service Industry Association in December 2017.


    So what swung the judges? It wasn't just product quality and good technical service. They were also impressed by the comprehensive advice offered by MEIKO's experts, supporting customers using planning software and CAD programmes to develop tailored solutions.

    Argument 2:
    High-quality commercial dishwashing machines save resources

    Reliability is not the only criterion by which to judge the value of an investment. In times of increasing prices for energy and water, efficiency also plays a key role – especially in large hotels and food service companies where kitchen appliances are in constant use.


    The benefits of a low purchase price are quickly cancelled out if an appliance guzzles high levels of electricity and water in day-to-day service. Professional, state-of-the-art dishwashing machines, on the other hand, are true masters of economy. Short wash cycles result in low consumption of electricity, water, detergent and rinse aid.


    A slightly higher initial cost of investment is therefore quickly offset by saving resources. After that, low operating costs contribute to higher profits. And you will be protecting the environment.

    Argument 3:
    Professional dishwashing machines ensure customer satisfaction

    There is little worse for a hotel or restaurant than a guest complaining because something is not clean or hygienic. These two aspects are key to customer satisfaction and remaining competitive in the long term.


    Dishwashing machines have to get it right – fat, protein or starch residues on plates, knives and forks or smeared wine glasses are unacceptable.


    In this respect, it is worth taking a close look: what technologies do the machines use to achieve perfect results? Water treatment is usually integrated in professional premium machines. These machines are somewhat more expensive to buy but they will produce first-class results and businesses enjoy the security of knowing their good reputation is safe: all diners will always have clean cutlery, plates and glasses.

    Argument 4:
    Professional dishwashing machines make for healthier employees

    The evening has arrived and the restaurant is fully booked. Just then, a kitchen assistant calls – she is sick. Her shoulder has become so painful that it is impossible for her to work. This is a familiar scene for a rising number of companies – the number of sick days taken due to orthopaedic issues is growing. These absences are difficult for companies to absorb.


    That makes it all the more important that workspaces are ergonomically designed and everything can be reached without straining the body.


    This is a huge shortcoming of many dishwashing machines. In some cases, operators have to waste energy opening and closing appliances. MEIKO is different. For example: employees do not have to expend energy opening the hood on the M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine. Just a touch does the job. This reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain, leading to happier and healthier employees.