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    Cleanliness, hygiene and ergonomics: this dishwashing machine has everything under the hood

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    When this seafood is on the dinner menu, the excitement is in the air even at lunch!

    Dinner at the care home – At Burg Trips in the town of Geilenkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, this can also mean feasting on mussels! "When this seafood is on the dinner menu, the excitement is in the air even at lunch: Who will be getting guests from the outside? What will the seating arrangements be?" In the beautiful moated castle on the outskirts of Geilenkirchen, Petra May and the 80 residents of the care home are looking forward to this special event: "Food and quality of life go hand in hand, and we put a high premium on it in all facilities and services of Franziskusheim GmbH."

    Petra May is head of housekeeping at Burg Trips, a large complex with foundation walls that go back to the 15th century. Her tasks range from managing cleaning of the rooms, laundry distribution, hygiene management, as well as distribution from the central kitchen. A few months ago, one of the latest-generation hood type machines, a M-iClean H of MEIKO, found a spot in the kitchen.

    "Thanks to the automatic hood, the work for the team in the distribution kitchen is now much easier,"

    reports Petra May. As head of housekeeping, the work conditions of her colleagues are important to her: "We made a deliberate choice to not use cleaning staff from external companies, because we have very high standards for cleanliness and hygiene. Our personnel have been with us for many years in close-knit teams that do excellent work. To us, it is important to provide them with good work conditions," emphasizes Petra May.

    Babette Nimbs divides the meals supplied by the large-scale Franziskusheim kitchen into individual portions and occasionally also serves the plates of steaming hot food. She works hand in hand with Valentina Regiment to serve the guests in the Burgblick dining room of Burg Trip. When the time comes to clean the plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and cooking utensils again, things have to run equally smoothly.

    "The new machine has not only made our work much easier, we also have excellent wash results,"smiles Petra May. And the machine is up to delivering this performance day after day, thanks to the stainless steel piping: "The residential groups are equipped with smaller, semi-industrial machines and sometimes their hoses break and have to be repaired. Of course stainless steel pipes will have a much longer life span, without downtimes," explains Petra May, convinced.