The clean solution

    Clean up with the True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner Program

    The definition of ‘True Blue’ according to the dictionary, means ‘unwaveringly loyal or faithful; staunch; unchangingly true’. These are also values and ideals that MEIKO as a company hold dear; which is why when it came to launching our Brand Partner Program, we thought it was the ideal slogan. Because as our partners grow with us in a mutually beneficial way, we will always do it together in a True Blue manner.

    The three tiers of partnership.

    The ‘True Blue’ MEIKO Brand Partner Program has three tiers, all of which carry a range of benefits and added value for you and your business.

    As a Select Partner, you will enjoy a range of benefits including reward points, rebates, marketing support and more.

    As a Premier Partner, you will enjoy all the benefits of the Select Partners, plus you will also receive further marketing support to help grow your business and the addition of an instant discount.

    As an Elite Partner you will enjoy the highest levels of benefits, value added features like overseas factory visits and study tours, financial incentives, marketing material plus events and training that MEIKO has to offer.


    Working together towards a common goal, achieving it and sharing in the ensuing success is what your involvement in the True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner program is all about.

    Having a trusted partner to work with is a WIN for us, and having the backing of the most trusted name in professional ware washing technology behind your business is a WIN for you. Not to mention all of the financial and professional benefits that come with it.

    Everybody wins!

    The 5 criteria needed to achieve True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner success.

    1. You sell at least 6 MEIKO dishwashers per year.
    2. You run a high-quality, proactive hospitality equipment business and/or service repair company whilst fulfilling your customers’ needs and wishes with products and solutions from MEIKO.
    3. You regularly visit MEIKO product training and professional events in order to further educate you and your team.
    4. You know and uphold MEIKO values through active endorsement and day-to-day busines activities.
    5. You live and breath the MEIKO brand and be part of the MEIKO family.

    The benefits of being a True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner.

    Through the True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner program you will profit from exclusive benefits and diverse opportunities within the area of sales promotions. In other words; MEIKO Brand Partners are set up for success.

    Free advertising materials and exclusive Partner Package
    Not only will you will receive an annual advertising budget in order to attract even more customers, you will also receive a yearly Partner-Package with a range of promotional items.

    Joint marketing campaigns / co-branding
    We will develop new marketing strategies aimed at increasing leads and customers for your business.

    Professional web-checks of your website
    We will check and optimise your website or we will plan an entirely new online presence for you.

    Additional marketing budget
    As a True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner we will be there to support your marketing activities: displays for your showroom, local conventions and events, sales promotions or advertising campaigns. We are more than happy to advise how you can use these events to showcase your MEIKO dishwashers.

    Valuable bonus points
    True Blue MEIKO Brand Partners will be able to earn and collect valuable bonus points for every MEIKO machine sold. These can then be used for marketing campaigns, events, expert training and gift cards.

    You will be mentioned on our website as a business partner
    As a True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner, you will be an official business partner of MEIKO as seen on our website. This will include a straight link to your website and contact details.

    MEIKO Academy
    All True Blue MEIKO Brand Partners have free and direct access to our professional knowledge database. We’d encourage all Partners to participate in our expert training program and learn all there is to know from one of our factory certified MEIKO professionals.

    Reap the rewards.

    Your Partner Points can be redeemed for a number of exciting rewards; a prepaid Visa / MasterCard, dinner reservations at an exclusive select restaurant, or a discount on your next MEIKO dishwasher!

    Gift cards.
    ​​​​​​Gift Cards are a popular way to use your True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner Points. For every point earned, you will receive a Visa / Mastercard gift cards which can be used wherever Visa / MasterCard is accepted.

    Exclusive Restaurants.
    MEIKO dishwashers are installed at many of the top restaurants around Australia, and your points can be redeemed for a delicious meal at any one of them that are part of the True Blue MEIKO Brand Partner program.

    Receive rebates on your next MEIKO purchase.
    Another way to use your points is towards the purchase of your next MEIKO dishwasher. Every point used will save you on your next purchase. And the more you spend, the higher the percentage you save.

    MEIKO Academy.

    Understand your MEIKO product even better receiving training by one of our certified MEIKO technical trainers. Training can be done at your premises, via webinar or at our head office in Chatswood, NSW. The more you understand your MEIKO products, the better you will be able to explain and demonstrate the benefits to your customers and increase your sales.

    For more information on training, call 1300 562 500 or email academy@meiko.com.au.

    Creating change.

    The ‘True Blue’ MEIKO Brand Partner Program is our concept for the success of our Partners. Working together and creating change is what we are all about, and we look forward to doing that with you.

    For further information, please call 1300 562 500 or email trueblue@meiko.com.au.