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    The clean solution

    WasteStar CC Technical Data

    The WasteStar CC® is a clean and simple solution for restaurants, hotels, staff canteens, student cafeterias, hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities. It's a great choice for anyone who believes in disposing of food waste as efficiently as possible while maximising hygiene
    Wave water

    Simply tip the food waste and organic leftovers into the chute (don't worry, it can even handle seafood shells, crustacean exoskeletons, and bones!) and the built-in macerator will shred it all into a homogeneous biomass, forming a valuable substrate. This mixture is periodically pumped into a separate collection tank to await removal. Tankers collect the biomass and transport it to biogas, composting or sewage plants, creating a sustainable recycling loop. 

    The WasteStar CC® food waste disposal unit is impressively cheap to run.

    It offers outstandingly low disposal costs and creates a fully prepared substrate which can be used to produce valuable energy.

    Example: Just 1 m³ of substrate is all it takes to produce some 60 m³ of methane, which corresponds to approximately 60 litres of heating oil or diesel equivalent.

    That's enough to fuel a car for some 850 kilometres without causing any extra environmental impact.


    Width600 mm
    Depth 500 mm
    Height 820 mm
    Plinth height160 mm
    Technical data
    Volume processed and conveyedapprox. 3l/min
    Collection tank storage volumefrom 600 l
    Food waste conveyor line, lengthup to 50 m
    Food waste conveyor line, height differencemax. 6 m
    emptyapprox. 115 kg
    fullapprox. 160 kg
    Electrical connection
    StandardThree phase (3/N/PE, 400 V, 50 Hz)
    Power rating2.45 kW
    Nominal current5.9 A

    Permanent on-site mains connection (main red/yellow emergency-off switch must be provided)

    Product lines and configurations may vary from one country to the next due to statutory requirements or other reasons. Please check with your local trade partner. They will be happy to find a machine that meets your specific requirements.

    Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.