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    The clean solution

    Unisteri SL - Steam Steriliser

    Steam steriliser with 1 to 2 STE capacity


    It can also be installed in other health care facilities where instruments, utensils, laundry, plastics, complicated MIC instruments and other medical products need to be sterilised quickly and reliably.

    The integrated steam generator allows for easy installation - only a high-voltage connection and a water connection are required for installation.

    • Available with one or two doors
    • Manual chamber door with electromotive assistance for better user comfort
    • Can be operated with an outside steam supply or optionally with an integrated steam generator
    • Self-explanatory navigation through the program menu.

    The steam pressure is regulated by means of absolute pressure sensors, independent of atmospheric air pressure fluctuations, ensuring the greatest process reliability. The process curves and parameter information are displayed on the screen. All data can be transmitted to a sterile goods documentation system or an external PC and printed out using an A4 printer.

    The Unisteri SL steam steriliser fulfills the following norms

    • DIN EN 61010-1
    • EN 285:2006+A2:2009
    • EN ISO 17665-1:2006