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    The clean solution

    Uniclean PL II - Single-Chamber Cleaning and Disinfection


    This device reliably cleans and disinfects as general surgical and MIC instruments, anaesthesia materials, ophthalmological instruments, containers, receptacles, bowls, basins and other utensils. The modern and robust design ensures high availability, excellent results and adherence to the highest safety standards.

    • 4D-Washing system – efficient and cost-effective washing performance
    • H-FLOW drying – powerful drying system
    • JANUS-Water docking system – perfect water allocation, easy loading
    • MMM smart HMI – user-friendly operation
    • Service excellence – modular machine concept
    • CoolTouch handles - allow even hot racks to be touched.
    • Electrical, steam-heated or steam heating with optional electrical heating
    • Loading racks can be loaded conveniently from all four sides
    • Easy to clean glass operating panel

    The Uniclean PL single chamber cleaning and disinfection system fulfills the following norms:

    • DIN EN 61010-1
    • DIN EN 61010-2-40
    • DIN EN 61326-1
    • DIN EN 62304
    • DIN EN 62366
    • DIN EN ISO 15883
    • EC directive 93/42/EWG
    • EC directive 2006/42 EG


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