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    The clean solution

    Selectomat PL - Large Sterilizer

    Quick and reliable sterilization of instruments, utensils and more


    It can be used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics as well as for industrial suppliers of sterile goods with customer-specific equipment variations.

    • Available in one or two door versions
    • Chamber door opens horizontally or vertically
    • Usage space between 2 and 18 STE - other sizes available upon request
    • Colour touch display with intuitive menus and display of all important batch information as well as messages from the safety inspection system and the service menu for the technician.
    • Convenient and reproducible sterilization of even hollow instruments and instruments that are difficult to dry


    Redundant sensors in the steriliser and the monitoring of important operational parameters provide for the highest possible process safety. The PID control is perfectly adapted to the individual phases of the gradient-controlled process.
    The Selectomat PL large starilisation unit fulfills the following norms: 

    • DIN EN 60601-1-6
    • DIN EN 61010-1
    • DIN EN 61010-2-40
    • DIN EN 62304
    • EN 285:2006+A2:2009
    • EN 13485
    • EN ISO 17665-1:2006