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    Tips for a Successful Partnership: Rockpool Dining Group

    Rockpool Dining Group

    Rockpool Dining Group is Australia’s largest dining and restaurant group, with more than 50 award-winning dining and entertainment venues, revenues in excess of $350 million and over 3,000 employees. Our relationship with Rockpool Dining Group started over five years ago when they purchased their first undercounter dishwasher for the Rockpool Bar & Grill in Melbourne.

    We have been fortunate to be a part of their incredible growth under the helm of Chief Brand & Culinary Officer, Neil Perry.

    Recently Neil was filmed speaking about the MEIKO commercial dishwashing brand and how our relationship compliments one another. Click here to watch the video

    We want to share our 4 tips on creating the very same successful partnership which can be applied to your direct or indirect channels.

    Tip #1 Communication

    Without a doubt communicating well with your customer ensures you have set clear expectations of each other to avoid under-promising or over delivering. Not every customer has the same driving force behind their equipment purchases or signing service agreements. Speak often with your customer to minimise any misunderstandings and stay on the same page. Lastly, respond quickly, every client or customer wants to feel like a priority.

    Tip #2 Likeability

    Work dealings are much easier when you have a likeable relationship. Relationships do take time, do not try to over schmooze a new customer, take time to get to know them. Learn about what issues they face, understand what keeps them up at night and adapt your interactions around these. Once a client or customer likes you, it is highly likely they will then recommend or endorse your service or product.

    Tip #3 Mutually Beneficial

    It should be clear to either side that your partnership is mutually beneficial. Learn about their business and industry, and learn to speak the same language. And to learn their language, start by listening. How do they describe the products you offer? How do they refer to your competitors? Try not to drown the customer with lengthy value propositions, keep the engagement simple and clear and ask for feedback.

    Tip #4 Value Add Engagement

    Keeping the relationship fresh is key, when you make contact, ensure you have something of value to share or convey. If you have a long term relationship, consider changing an approach to how you charge for servicing or shipping. If you can help ease some of the day to the day decisions from the customer with an annual service agreement, it conveys much greater value to the customer that you have gone the extra mile.

    When we started working with Rockpool Dining Group, many factors go towards making a final equipment choice. Here are the models purchased for the various Rockpool venues and why.

    M-iClean Premium Undercounter Range

    A café, bar or restaurant undercounter dishwasher is a great choice in just about any setting, and it offers sparkling results without having to polish wash ware by hand! Choose from 4 different sizes. The only range in Australia that offers the following 3 features;

    1. ILLUMINATED HANDLE In a darkly lit bar, the operator can simply glance across to see the colour of the handle to see the machine status

    2. LED LIGHT INTO THE CHAMBER Makes this much easier to operate in a bar environment as the interior is lit when opening the door

    3. STAINLESS STEEL CHEMICAL PIPES Much more reliable and less chance of chemical leaks

    Click Here for Current Offers

    Rockpool Bar & Grill, Eleven Bridge (soon to be Jade Temple), Spice Temple and Burger Project in Sydney

    The DV 80.2 is a reliable and well thought out pass-through door-type dishwasher combines a smooth and comfortable method of operation for all types of dishes, cups, cutlery, and a host of other ware items. The DV 80.2 is equally effective as a high performance glass washing machine.

    Our DV 80.2 combines fast loading and improved ventilation with the advanced features that come standard on our door type machines.

    This door-type dishwasher comes with double-wall insulation for first class sound and heat insulation, keeping your wash room quieter and cooler.

    For more details click here

    safe glass washing process
    The perfect glass washing machine - M-iClean U

    "But I just want to wash up" - is what someone with less experience of glass management in the hotel and catering business might think. What they also want to do, or rather must do: take drinking glasses into consideration as part of the value chain.

    Our line of K-Tronic Rack Conveyors will wow you. MEIKO's K-Tronic rack conveyors combine state-of-the-art features with reliable and cost-saving operation. Our advanced rack conveyor has extremely low water consumption. Using warm waste air to preheat the incoming water reduces your energy costs while cooling the exhaust air. Other standard features include optimally-positioned wash arms made out of stainless steel and come with attached end caps that can't be lost during cleaning. The K-Tronic rack conveyors incorporate a large separation between the wash and rinse areas that eliminates splashing of soiled water on sanitized ware.


    For details on any of our commercial dishwashing range please call 1300 562 500 to ask for pricing or visit our Sydney showroom.