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    The clean solution

    4 Ways to achieve a Perfect Washing Result Every. Single. Time.

    Whether you are buying a commercial dishwasher for the first time or replacing an existing model, you may not be aware of the benefits of having our GiO Technology. It’s a fact that GiO removes the need to manually polish your dishes, glasses or cutlery after each cycle.  Saving your staff time and your business labour and breakage costs.

    1. The Right Equipment

    Our dishwashing machines are packed with advanced features and combines innovative, labour-saving technology with outstanding performance.  With a striking design and engineered to be easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

    We offer advice to help you select the right undercounter glasswashers, pot and pan washers or universal machines.

    2. GiO Reverse Osmosis Module

    The technology within the GiO reverse osmosis water purifies water for every wash cycle. Staff no longer have to manually polish glasses and cutlery and can concentrate on customer service, saving you money in breakages and labour. The module can be integrated with any of our premium dishwashing machines.

    Hear the GiO benefits from a MEIKO Satisfied Customer based in Sydney

    reverse osmosis system
    Reverse Osmosis for sparkling clean dishes and glassware

    For clients who want their glasses and dishes to sparkle, improving the water quality is essential – and that calls for demineralisation or osmosis.

    3. Detergent and Rinse Aids

    Our premium machines deserve the best detergent and rinse aid on the market. And by the best, we mean one we formulated in partnership with Etol in Germany. It is for this reason, we guarantee that our tailored chemicals will achieve sparkling and hygienic polish free results.

    4. Ideal Racks

    Imagine how many types of glasses a bar would stock, beer, wine, flutes and cocktail.  MEIKO have designed racks to suit your investment, covering all aspects of their style, size and weight.

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