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    Reusable solutions are the clean way forward: bottle washing with MEIKO

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    As a trend, sustainability is causing us to move away from disposable products and lean towards reusable solutions in almost every industry. This also applies to bottles. Glass bottles and carafes filled with tap water or drinks prepared onsite are becoming more popular, and these have to be washed!

    Clean and patented:
    The MEIKO bottle washing system

    The MEIKO bottle rack can fit 16 glass bottles in any standard shape or size (up to a diameter of 114 mm and a height of 250 mm in the UM and 370 mm in the UM+). It even makes it easy to clean lab bottles. The best part is that the bottle rack can be fitted–or retrofitted–in any M-iClean UM or UM+ model from 2013 onwards.

    Just a few movements can turn your glass and dishwasher into a machine specially designed for cleaning reusable bottles: simply replace the bottom wash arm with the adapter included and it’s ready! This patented system uses a separate sealed channel to send wash fluid first, followed by rinse aid to special nozzles that spray directly into the bottle interior with water. The result: no detergent residues and hygienically clean bottles.

    The system means you can be flexible when the make up of your washware suddenly changes. Not to mention, this tested process is also resource efficient, reduces payroll costs, saves time, hygienic and most importantly, complies with DIN regulations (SPEC 10534).

    Efficient cleaning of bottles and cups

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