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    Catering Star Gold Award for M-iClean H from Meiko

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    The Offenburg-based machine building company Meiko has won the coveted 'Catering Star' industry award in Gold this year. The expert readers of the trade magazine 'Catering inside' are thereby honouring the innovative strength of the latest machine created by the Offenburg engineers: the M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine is setting technical standards and putting an even greater focus on the issue of 'ergonomics in the workplace' for dishwashing areas.

    Every year, the catering market and communal feeding trade fairs showcase a multitude of new products and machines from various areas of industry. The broad spectrum of subjects brings lots of innovations along with it, where the key question is whether a purchase will pay off. Catering Star, the award issued by the trade magazine 'Catering inside', is a key decision-making aid for potential buyers. The magazine sees itself as a platform for the market's decision-makers – from managing directors and lead buyers to kitchen managers.

    Every year, the most innovative and interesting new products launched on the market are recognized with the Catering Star Award in 27 categories – both as a way of honouring innovative strength and outstanding properties and of helping interested individuals to come to a decision. To this end, 1,000 catering managers and buyers from many different fields of industry are surveyed – and as has so often been the case when it comes to warewashing technology, the Gold Award has gone to Meiko. The qualified readers were impressed by the new M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine and the completely redesigned automatic hood system from the technology leader.

    Winning the award is the icing on the cake in the company's 90th anniversary year and only serves to confirm Meiko's focus on ergonomics in the workplace. The Offenburg-based company saw a need in this area and, in developing this machine, it has created a solution that pays off. Not only does the machine speed up the dishwashing process and have a positive impact on employees' health, it increases the attractiveness of the workplace too. All of these aspects are advantages that give the industry as a whole new arguments to put forward during the difficult staff recruitment process.

    Dietmar Zapf, Head of Global Key Account Management at Meiko, is thrilled about the award: "The fact that we have won the Catering Star Gold Award illustrates how much potential experts saw in this machine – and not just in technical terms, either. The machine is setting a new technical standard for the industry – one that is completely unrivalled – thanks to drastically reduced emissions and the pioneering ergonomic concept. The machine turns the dishwashing area into a proper "experience world" for dishwashing staff and significantly enhances the value of the workplace, which is usually perceived as being uncomfortable. This is highly relevant for the industry as a whole, and this award underlines that fact," affirms Mr Zapf.

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