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    The Principal Manchester

    The famous Manchester hotel uses the UPster dishwasher

    Principal at Manchester

    The Principal Manchester launched in November 2016 following a £25 million renovation of the former Palace Hotel Manchester by the Principal Hotel Company. Part of that investment included a new rack transport dishwasher to service the main kitchen.

    Installed just in time for Christmas, the challenge of working in a gothic revival listed building that was designed in 1891, meant that the Meiko UPster K-M250 rack dishwasher had to be dismantled into sections that could be easily carried, before it was walked through the building to its destination.

    Surrey based catering equipment distributor Equipt to Cook managed the project.

    “We were impressed with Meiko’s speed of delivery and with their preparation prior to the installation,”

    said Yvonne Martin, Managing Director at Equipt to Cook. “The building is beautiful but it does have its quirks. Meiko’s team carried out a thorough site survey, checking the ups and downs of the route throughout to ensure a sm ooth installation.”

    Situated in the heart of the city, The Principal Manchester is a Grade II listed building with 270 guestrooms and featuring the largest hotel ballroom in the north-west of England, accommodating up to 1,000 seated guests.