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    Optimal cleaning results from warewashing in LE CROBAG

    LE CROBAG counter

    We are very happy with the cleaning results, and also with the speed at which the machines run.

    Erdinc Anakök relies on optimum technology behind the scenes: Proving and baking ovens as well as warewashing technology are in full swing from morning until night to ensure a fresh supply of bakery products along with clean, hygienically safe dishes.This is the environment in which two undercounter dishwashing machines from MEIKO (FV 40.2 G) are in use at LE CROBAG. They guarantee optimum cleaning results: "In one machine, we wash only glasses, cups and cutlery, the other takes the plates, trays and stainless steel containers from the kitchen", explains franchisee Anakök. "We are very happy with the cleaning results, and also with the speed at which the machines run. We can choose from three wash programmes, depending on the degree of soiling. The equipment is ready to use again in no more than four minutes.

    We can't think of any better solution for our shop, especially since we don't have a lot of space in the kitchen. The size and capacity of the machines is right for us. We rely on MEIKO machines. In my experience of the catering trade, coffee and warewashing machines are the most susceptible to technical malfunction. We make rigorous demands on our MEIKO warewashing technology, the machines are on the go continuously from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening. If this cleaning process were to be interrupted, we would be in big trouble."

    In the city shops, our product range includes exclusive hot plated dishes. "LE CROBAG petite France" offers connoisseurs, croissant lovers and fans of the French lifestyle a brief time-out for enjoyment", says Erdinc Anakök.