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    The clean solution

    Uniclean ML - Large cleaning and disinfection system

    Washing and Disinfection of medical devices and other bulky items


    Large cleaning and disinfection system for preparing non-critical and semi-critical medical products as well as goods with large volumes, such as transport trolleys, instrument containers, operating room shoes, plastic containers, bowls and kidney basins.
    The system demonstrates its versatility in its various loading options, one or two door versions as well as batch documentation capabilities.

    • State of the art chamber design - high capacity on a small footprint
    • Cleaning power – efficient and cost-effective
    • Disinfection – both thermal and chemical
    • SECOspeed – powerful air recirculating drying system
    • SANIcirc – hygenically correct in fully static piping (no hoses)
    • MMM smart HMI – user friendly menu navigation on a colour touch screen
    • Service excellence – modular machine concept and high machine availability
    • Uniclean ML - Large cleaning and disinfection system


    The Uniclean ML, large cleaning and disinfection system, fulfills the following norms:

    • DIN 58955
    • DIN EN ISO 15883