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    The clean solution

    Selectomat PL Compact Line - Space-Saving Steriliser

    Compact, space-saving steam sterilisation from 2 to 12 STU

    This steriliser with a small footprint of only 995 mm width offers a capacity from 2 to 12 STU for quick and reliable sterilisation of instruments, utensils, laundry, plastic and complicated MIC instruments as well as other medical products. This compact steam steriliser can be used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics as well as industrial suppliers of sterile goods.

    • Compact sterilisation with one or two doors
    • Chamber door opens horizontally or vertically
    • Usage space between 2 and 12 STU
    • Maximum width of only 995 mm
    • Wide variety of pre-adjusted standard programs
    • LED chamber illumination

    Redundant sensors in the steriliser and monitoring of important operational parameters provide for the highest possible process safety. Complicated instrument designs and MIC instruments are sterilised in a convenient and reproducible manner. Even hollow instruments and instruments that are difficult to dry, such as drills and heavy plastic parts can be sterilised with the Selectomat PL Compact Line.

    The compact steriliser fulfills the following norms:

    • DIN EN 60601-1-6
    • DIN EN 61010-1
    • DIN EN 61010-2-40
    • DIN EN 62304
    • EN 285:2006+A2:2009
    • EN 13485
    • EN ISO 17665-1:2006