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    The clean solution

    Grand Hyatt Seoul

    Less after sales support and cost savings because of MEIKO's dishwashing technology

    Foodservice is managed by Executive Chef Stefan Moerth, who oversaw the recent installation of a new M-iQ dishwasher (M-iQ B-M74 V8 N02 P8) replacing one supplied from another manufacturer. “We are very happy with the new MEIKO machine!” says Moerth. “Please look at the information regarding the dishwasher comparison between the old machine and the new MEIKO; the data comes from our Engineering department.” The total saving has been 38,446 EUR in the first year.

    The Grand Hyatt’s engineers also noted that some crucial spare parts on the old machine were made from plastic (for example, an impeller), causing them to become “weak from chemicals and heat. Often we need A/S (after sales support)”, says the Engineers report. “On the MEIKO machine, spare parts are made from metal (impeller). Not many times we need A/S.” Exhaust air volume was also noted at 1,620CMH on the old machine, compared to the M-iQs 150CMH, ensuring that minimal extra ventilation was required for the M-iQ, creating further savings on a duct system, fan and consequent running costs.